Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tip Top Beauty - Nail Art Duo Pen

Recently I reviewed two polishes from Tip Top Beauty, a South African based beauty brand. 

Today I have another of their products I received; a nail art duo pen "Drama Queen". This pen has two sides, one with black polish (which is a beauty I might add) and the other with black "sprinkle beads".

I am not very good at nail art - it has to be said. I cannot draw either and was a little apprehensive to try these out, as usually things like this go terribly wrong where I'm involved! I found this fun - it's not perfect but it was my first go and I am now tempted to get out a recent giveaway prize I won, with 20 little vials of beads!

My nails are painted with Kiko 332, Dark Violet which I reviewed here with an accent nail using the beads. I must admit how proud I am of myself and my "attempt" at nail art! I think I will become more adventurous in future!


Makeup Monster said...

Fab pics! I'm rubbish at nail stuff!

Irish Nail Addict said...

Why thank you! It does take a while to get into the swing of your own style of pics :)
I had fun trying these beads out !