Friday, October 11, 2013

Bondi New York - Horny Mistress

Recently, I had a bit of a splurge on Bondi New York polishes. They have this amazing formula that means they glide on the nail, and the polish is so easy to work with. It is a pleasure to do a manicure with them and I find myself gonig back again and again when I am changing my nails most nights!

Today I am going to show you this vampy red polish; Horny Mistress. This colour is a must have. It is the ultimate red polish (I may need a back-up!)

Here are the photos - two coats (could get away with one though)

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Simple Dots using Sinful Colors

Not so long ago, I reviewed Snow Me White, a beautiful opaque white polish that is so self leveling and fun to use!

I used three other Sinful Colors; Amethyst, Pistache and Verbena  to create this simple dotty manicure, which will jazz up any neutral colour! I got all these polishes on where they are still on offer at "Buy One Get One Half Price" !!

Hope you like it!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Essence - Crazy Fancy Love 164

Hello again, back with another fab essence polish to show you!

Crazy fancy love is a gold/pink duochrome polish. Again, this isn't a polish I'd normally pick up myself but having said that, I can see myself wearing it perhaps on a night out, or to a party.

Two coats, lovely application on this polish, and a subtle shimmer really sets it off.

Hope you like this one as much as me!

Check out my reviews of Ciao Oliviero, Pink & Proud and Mister Rusty

Essence - Mister Rusty 166

I'm back with another new released beauty from essence!

Halloween is fast approaching, and Mister Rusty is the perfect copper for this month.. Priced at €1.79 in Penneys stores and selected pharmacies nationwide, you really can not go wrong!

Two coats were all I needed (and you may even get away with one) for this shiny and rich colour.

I have reviewed two other new polishes from essence here and here

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Essence - Pink & Proud 154

Good afternoon!

Today I have another of the new essence polishes to show you - Pink & Proud.

This is a fabulous shimmering pink metallic polish. It has a really nice silver shimmer to it - not quite as old lady as it sounds, I promise!

I used two coats for this polish, and I really liked it on (though it's not the colour I would usually choose when I am browsing polish stands)

Will you be looking for some of these polishes this season? I reviewed another newbie, Ciao Oliviero here

ou can purchase essence polishes in Penneys and selected pharmacies nationwide for the grand ol' sum of €1.79 - it ain't gonna break the bank!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Color Club Miss Bliss

Today I have a swatch that has been lurking in my album for some time. This amazing pink holo is opaque in two coats. I think it is my favourite of the Halo collection!

Enjoy, and happy Sunday!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Essence Ciao Oliviero 161

Essence have released loads of new polishes for autumn.. I love when this happens because they're only €1.79 and I can buy them all without feeling guilty!

Today I'm going to show you one of their new greens (I think there's three new greens). This olive green is really shiny and very very neutral. If you are pale, like me, it will compliment your skin tone. If you are tanned, it will work even better!

I used two coats for this polish, it applied lovely - I am getting used to the fat brush that Essence are now using - and I really like this colour on. I wore this polish for a few days with Out The Door top coat and only experienced minimal tip wear. Very impressed.

Polish is available now in Penneys and pharmacies across Ireland.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Irish girls - did you know that you can now purchase Sinfuls on ?!

Well you can - and recently I was lucky to get in on the "buy one get one half price" offer and I ordered *cough* a few.

I have been looking for a good white polish for some time now and have been using Julep Kate but it's not quite as opaque as I'd like a white polish to be. I ordered Snow Me White in my Sinfuls haul from and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to apply!

White polishes have a number of issues - the dreaded streaking, gloopy formula and general difficulty in applying to the nail without botching it up! This polish wasn't bad - it is a little gloopy but it self levels really well and I can work with it- especially where nail art is concerned.

White seems to be really in at the moment too - I see a lot of ladies with white nails, and it works really well on the shorter-nailed of us!

I used two coats (imagine, only two for a white) for these photos - what do you think?

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Color Club Kismet

Holo craziness - I can't stop buying them!

This polish from Color Club is part of the "Halo Hues" collection. Kismet is a warm pale green with a heck of a holo in the right light!

I wore this out recently, and 4 people came to talk to me about the polish - it's an eye catcher!

I used two coats of Kismet for perfect opacity. It is a lovely formula and was so easy to apply. I also love the brush size - not too chubby!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Softly Body - moisturizing picks

Winter is fast approaching! This week Dubliners are being treated to rain, darkness and general "ugh" when waking up in the mornings.

With this cold creeping in, your body is going to need that extra hit of moisture, extra protection from the elements is required and something extra to combat that dreaded winter dryness.

Here are my 4 picks for this season!

1. Green Angel Seaweed Body Lotion

I reviewed this guy previously, and it is an absolute beauty - with natural oils of Neroli and Chamomile and seaweed extract you will be smelling and feeling like a queen.

2. Body Shop Beautifying Oils

Made from amazing quality oils, this collection consists of 10 difference scents. If you're like me and you love matching shower-body items then these are for you. They smell divine and work best on wet showered skin.

3. Lush Dream Cream.

This guy smells like no other - calming ingredients chamomile and lavender soothe the senses. A light formula, this guy is non greasy on the skin, but it does it's job well!

4. Bomb Cosmetics Cocoa Beach

This guy smells like heaven - coconut, and citrus feature heavily and it's buttery thick formula melts into the skin. A wonder product!

Websites for reference:

Pink Manicure for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We have all been affected by this dreaded disease. My aunt is 8 years in remission, and I have friends who have lost loved ones from Breast Cancer.

One of my Facebook nail groups have decided to post a pink manicure a day between all members for Breast Cancer Awarenenss, and this is my contribution.

I used Sinful Colors pink forever with an accent nail of P2 go crazy! pink glitter polish.

Feel free to share links to your pink manicures here!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I am so lucky to have received 8 of the 10 URBAN LEGEND polishes to review.

This stunning Autumn/Fall collection has a wonderful selection of ten darker toned polishes that will work with any skin tone. URBAN LEGEND consists of three red polishes, three blue polishes and four brown polishes.

Lets have a look at the eight polishes I received!
All polishes were opaque in two coats, some may only need one, but for photos I always use two! They dry very quickly, and something I noticed is how shiny they are . I have not used a top coat in these photos, so you can see how glossy the finish is.

First up, I will show you "Empty Streets" KP249

this nude beige colour, amazingly worked well with my pale skin. It would be a really nice office shade, for the season that's in it!

Second, is "Skyscraper" KP250

this shade is a khaki green with greyish tones. I like this a lot - I have some greens in my collection but none that lean towards grey!

Third, is "Cat As Accessory" KP251

this blue is almost denim in colour - it's so rich and creamy and it was pretty opaque in only one coat! I know that I will get a lot of use out of this particular shade!

Fourth, is "Street Gang" KP252

this blue is another stunner. I am a huge fan of blue polish, and when I received these samples, I wasn't sure that three blues wasn't too many - but they are all equally beautiful and different!

Fifth, is "Grafitti Quick" KP253

this wonderfully dark, wonderfully shiny navy is one of my favourites of this collection! It is so rich, so deep and so beautiful on shorter nails. I've worn it twice since I received these polishes for review and it sits on my desk where I can see it!

Sixth, is "Urbanesse" KP254

it's brown.. I am never a big fan of browns but Kinetics have changed my view on this! This brown/purple shimmer polish with a copper sheen is a very elegant shade. It screams confident woman! I love it!

Seventh, is "Cafe Central" KP255

instantly, this polish reminded me of chocolate! Rich, creamy chocolate - or coffee as the name suggests! Another change of heart on brown polish for me - well done Kinetics!

Eighth and last, is "Gangsterina" KP256

this ravishing shade is so sexy and alluring! I really love it - you always need a dark red in your collection and this one is really special.

Overall, for my first experience with Kinetics polishes, I am really impressed. The formula is really amazing on all these polishes - they apply so easily, the brush is perfectly shaped and they dry relatively quickly. You could also forego a top coat if you didn't have time -  because they are SO SUPER SHINY!

My favourite picks are; Skyscraper, Cat As Accessory, Graffiti Quick & Gansterina, though I do really love all the shades I received for review!

You can keep up to date with Kinetics Portugal on their facebook page here.

Darling Diva - LE Small Batch Prototype #1 Nail Polish

Recently, Darling Diva posted a listing on their ETSY shop for this beautiful blue holo.

I saw "LE" and I had to have it!

This blue holo is such a wonderful pigmented colour - with two coats being the maximum required for complete opacity.

I feel that this blue leans a little towards green, and a friend commented on my "mermaid nails" !

I wore this for a week - it is so sparkly!

Do you have any special/LE polishes in your collection?