Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Foxy Paws Holo Dolly Collection

Hi readers! It's a terribly rainy depressing day in Dublin today but I am about to cheer you up. I am going to show you a preview of the new collection of polishes from Foxy Paws Polish (like their Facebook page for up to date info!)

Foxy Paws is a Danish brand, sister of Well Nails, and are 4-free and cruelty free! You can check out Foxy Paws website here.

This polish line is all Holo, and we all love some Holo in our lives! Entitled Holo Dolly, there are seven polishes in this bright fun collection!

L-R: A D@mned Exasperating Woman (Purple), Elegance (Nude), Before The Parade Passes by (Blue), It Takes a Woman (Red), Put On Your Sunday Clothes (Yellow), Just Leave Everything To Me (Green) and Holo Dolly (Pink).

What do you think of these Holos? That green and blue are screaming to me, and I love the idea of a neutral nude holo to wear to work!

You can purchase these beauties on (for European readers) and they are €10.25 each.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Body Shop Splurge!

It has to be said, we all love a good pay day splurge... and I am highly addicted to spending money which might be bad thing. On a more positive note, I have pretty things!

Last week the Body Shop had a juicy offer of £10 off orders over £25. I couldn't resist.. I purchased everything that smelled of Sweet Lemon. I note the shipping costs can be extortionate to Ireland, from a lot of UK shops. I used my Parcel Motel  address for UK shipping (which was free over £20) and am awaiting my pretty parcel containing these beauties.

Sweet Lemon Body Butter (Special Offer at £6.50)

Sweet Lemon Shower Gel (price has been reduced this summer to £4)

Sweet Lemon Body Scrub (A whopping £12.50)

Sweet Lemon Beautifying Oil (Priced at £9.00)

I cannot wait to indulge myself completely in this sweet lemony citrus scent.The Body Shop has been around for a long time, and sometimes I really forget to go in and have a snoop. Thankfully, these little discounts make me want to buy more, and re-kindle my romance with their lovely products and even try something different in the Beautifying Oil.

Do you have any favourite products from the Body Shop? Do you like to smother yourself in one scent from scubbing, to washing and then moisturising?

Let me know in the comments!

Lip Products in my handbag

It's my first beauty post - how exciting!

I have been contemplating moving into the "other product" category for some time and I am excited to be telling you about my favourite lip balms of the moment!

I have a huge lip balm addiction and I can't leave the house without at least 2 or 3 in my bag, so I have a bit of choice.

Right now I am carrying lots of lip products in my handbag - balms and gloss. I don't use lipstick that much, unless I am going out or for my part time job which I really need to be wearing make up for!

So what do you see in the photo?
Top left you have Rouge Bunny Rouge gloss in shade "Secret Places of Love". A friend sent this to me in a care package. It was unloved and has found a new home in the depths of my handbag, along with all my other nail products! This is a very nice neutral shade which gives lips just a hint of shimmer and sparkle, for day time gloss.
Next to that my beloved EOS balms in "Summer Fruit" and "Sweet Mint". These babies are all-natural, no fingers required, 95% organic, 100% natural, gluten,paraben and petroleum free and are packed with Vitamin E and shea butter to really moisturise.
Top right, Balance Me Limited Edition "Shine On Tinted Lip Salve" in "Sheer Raspberry". Balance Me is a UK based company, making organic natural products at exceptional prices. This baby was a freebie in the most recent edition of Glamour magazine. Focus has been shifted to a glossy shine with a pop of generous colour. I adore this - it moisturises while being very subtle in colour, and really makes your lips pop! This was created using 100% natural pure essential oils.
Middle, Balmi Lip balm in "Blackcurrant". This beauty is the most obscure flavour I've tried. I love it's black packaging because it's different from what you regularly see! Packed with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, these little moisturising beauties are have SPF for extra protection!
Bottom left, Rimmel Apocalips in 102 "Nova". Not a favourite, this highly pigmented lip lacquer isn't flattering on dry lips and might be the wrong shade of pink for me. Apocalips promises "the intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhance by a smooth shine" I am not sure of that, personally!
That long red stick you see, is an ELF lip stain pen. This is handy; to add some pigment to lips under a balm or a gloss. I use these a lot, and this one isn't bad for the price!
Last but definitely not least is my Jane Iredale Cheek & Lip Stain in "Forever Pink". This is my go-to lip product for any occasion. It changes the colour on your lips! Sometimes my lips darken, sometime they lighten pink and it feels like a balm with on.

So there you have it - my lip stash that I currently lug around in my handbag. What are your go-to lip products?

Of course you haven't seen my entire lip stash, the box I have at home with various glosses, lipsticks, balms etc! There are a lot more where they came from!

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Wonderful World of Jacava

Recently, you may have seen my post about Chocolate Melts! I have two more beautiful Jacava polishes to show you today, another neutral; City Heights and Crimson Crush, a stunning raspberry colour.

JACAVA nail polish uses premium, high gloss, long-lasting and nourishing formulation helps your nails stay stronger and grow longer. 

I did use two coats for these swatches, but you may get away with one thick coat. This polish has the most amazing application, it makes you want to paint your nails. I have already mentioned how much I love the brush too - it's thin size allows you to paint your nails with precision. I did not use top coat, I did not need it! These polishes are so super shiny on their own.

To the pictures!

City Heights: A muted grey, I feel hints of lilac coming from this

Crimson Crush: The perfect reddish pink. A real go to polish!

JACAVA is availabe on their own website, FEELUNIQUE , and for £14.50. They have a new collection being released this autumn too - so stay tuned to theirFacebook and Twitter page for competition details and information. Don't forget, you saw it here!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Ruby White Tips - Kick Ass Top Coat

I love a good top coat but it is difficult now, with there being so many, to find one with a difference, or that is more unique than others.

Glitter top coats are everywhere, and they can be so samey that finding a good one has becoming increasingly difficult.

Laura at Ruby White Tips sent me this top coat (along with some other amazing polishes).

" Not only is there some spectraflair in it, but a black, rainbow and charcoal holo micro glitter with silver holo sparkle. The colors all play off each other so well, it's very hard to catch the beauty of the topcoat. It's something that you just have to see in person"

I layered this over Maybelline Color Show "Urban Turquoise" and I loved the effect. I had great wear with this, for 4 days with no chipping and very minimal tip wear. This is one of my favourite glitter top coats!

You can keep up to date with Ruby White Tips on their Facebook page. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Nail Varnish Tag!

I was tagged to do this by The_Nail_Affair - head on over and check out her blog! This will be a fun questionnaire..

Favourite Nail Polish Company
Hmm. I really go on formula.. I have a top 3 right now and they include Barry M, Jacava and Catrice. Formula wise, they are all buttery and wonderful.. I just wish Catrice would change their brushes because my nails are tiny!

Glitter or No Glitter
Well.. I own A LOT of glitter. I don't wear it much, but I like the option. It's also a feat to get it off my nails so I lean more towards no with the option of yes. That doesn't answer the question though !

OPI, China Glaze or Essie
China Glaze, no questions. Their textures are epic.

When Do You Change Your Nail Polish
I change it most days, when I'm in "polish-mood" otherwise, I could have no polish on for weeks... unless I am swatching!

What's Your Favourite Colour To Wear On Your Nails
I love neon textures right now.. so any neon, and textured :)

Darks Or Brights
Brights... for sure

What Do You Have On Your Nails Right Now
Nothing... I swatched a lot of polish today and may get round to doing a full mani before I head out later!

Matte Nails... In Or Out?

French Manicure?

Favourite Winter Colour?
Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl - that polish is epic!

That is my tag complete :) Two people I know that may be interested are Knitty Nails and Fox Claws
Let me know if you end up doing this tag!

Catrice Glamazona

I know , I know! More Catrice.. but I love them. I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful friend in Germany who has been sending me these LEs before we get them in Ireland. This collection was one I was really looking forward to.

Here are the four main polishes in this collection (there is a gold crackle, but I'm over crackles!)

C01 Dirty Liana, a teal green; C02 Lime Heart Is Beating, a mustard yellow; C03 I'm A Survivor, a tomato red and C04 I Got The Flower, a purple.

I really like this collection. The colours are "popping" , something great about summer polishes. You can have pastels, and shimmers but these popping colours are my favourite. Deep pigments and almost one coaters - win win!

So to the swatch-fest! First up I have Dirty Liana. This was pretty much opaque in one coat; though I used two. I love teal and I love this. It's a staple colour for me to have... I love the richness of this one. I haven't used topcoats with these polishes and pictures were taken in direct sunlight.

Number 2 is Lime Heart is Beating. This yellow polish reminds me of English Mustard on the nails. It appears much brighter in the sun but for a yellow, it's one of the better ones. Some are too canary, and some two in between canary and lemon. Quite like this one! Two coats for complete opacity.

Number 3 is I'm a Survivor. This tomato red is rich, and opaque in one coat, though I used two. I like this red - it's brassy and brave and great for toes...

Lastly, Number 4: I Got The Flower. A rich royal purple. I am a huge purple fan and this one needed two coats! It is not as dark as some I have so it's a nice lighter version.

My favourite two are the teal, and red. These I will use regularly as go-to polishes for every day...

Glamazona is due in Ireland at the end of this month, rolling out across pharmacies and Primarks nationwide. Will you be getting these polishes?

Keep up to date on LE releases and new products at Catrice Ireland's facebook page.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Perfect Sand Lacquer - # 61

It's Friday at last and today I have a hot pink neon texture to match this hot weather we're having.

Beauty Cosmetic is a Bulgarian based website, selling a crapton of products including polishes for stupidly affordable prices. I am addicted to this site, and shop here regularly! I have purchased polishes, make up, skin care products, shower products, lip balms - you name it!

Recently I came across these Sand Lacquers - they are only €1.85. ONE EURO AND EIGHTY FIVE CENT. You did read that right. So.. I bought 12. That is not excessive. That is the price of two China Glaze.

Direct Quote from Beauty Cosmetic's website:
"The newly developed "Sands" formula nail polish mimics sprinkled sugar and magical glittering particles matte finish. 
The series includes 29 modern shades with matte finish. 
Do not use a base and top coat. It is recommended to apply two thin layers. After the first layer, wait a few minutes to dry, then apply a second coat. Nail polish provides a durable matte finish with candied effect nails. "

This is number 61. Much more Neon than it appears in this picture let me tell you! Now against advice, I used a base coat - I detest staining. I used only ONE coat of this polish for these photos. You may like to do two thin coats here. It would dry faster. I found the formula good (for the price) not as good as the China Glaze textures but close. No topcoat. It's hella bright, and I love it.

Perfect Sand Lacquer is available on for €1.85 a pop - they ship with tracking, and shipping is always very reasonably priced for the amount of polish I buy at a time! Perfect also do holos, and chromes... Keep up to date on their Facebook page.

Zoya - Fall 2013

I love hearing of new collections, and Zoya never fails to impress me with their ongoing amazingness.

Here are the new Pixies for Fall 2013!

Tomoko- Glowing Champagne Silver
Chita - Emerald Forest Green
Sunshine - Van Gogh Navy Blue
Carter - Regal Purple
Arabella - Rich Fuchsia Pink
Dhara - Dazzling Coppery Orange

Are you "over" this texture fad or just getting started? Addicted or in denial? Let me know in the comments... I adore texture polishes!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spotted in Boots! New Bourjois Top Coats

I am a real wanderer when I'm in Boots/Superdrug/Pharmacies. I tend to nose and snoop and try not to miss anything.

I was really excited when I saw these fancy new topcoats in Boots this week; "Laser Toppings". The only information I can find on these beauties is on the French website, with nothing having been released on the UK website as yet.

L-R  Sun Scales, Aqua Purple and Blue Neon.

These are bar glitters (not everyone is a fan) but it is exciting to see Bourjois getting in the game with regards top coats and nail products in general.

They have also released some caviar beads; "Manucure Toppings"

L-R Coral Bikini, Lilac Sand & Maliblue

Have you tried any of these high street toppings? Available in Boots & Superdrug stores in Ireland and the UK.

Catrice Candy Shock

Good morning! This is my 101st post - Happy 101 to me!

Today I am going to show you the newest polishes from the latest Catrice LE (in Ireland anyway!) Candy Shock. I previewed this collection a couple of months ago here.

Available in C01 I Scream: Ice Cream!, C02 Play It Blue, C03 Bring Me Peach and C04 Vanilla Love. C02 Play It Blue and C03 Bring Me Peach have a chalky matt powder effect. 

C01 - I Scream: Ice Cream! This lilac has a pink shimmer in the bottle, which unfortunately does not transfer onto the nails. It is a nice pale lilac, the better of the collection. I used three thin coats to achieve my desired opacity.

C02 - Play It Blue. A nice pastel blue with a matte finish. I like this one but it also required three thin coats. I think this would be a great base for nail art or glitter topcoats.

C03 - Bring Me Peach. Another matte finish. I don't like this colour, and I'm also not sure how flattering it would be on anyone's hands. It gives you dead hands! Three thin coats again.

C04 - Vanilla Love. A pastel yellow, somewhat lacking in pigment that needed three thin coats. Wasn't overly keen on this one - too pale for pale skin, and a bit watery and wishy washy for my taste.

All in all, I am disappointed. I am a huge Catrice fan but this collection is too pale - it might just be my skin tone though! I didn't find them too hard to apply - then again, I don't mind three coats of any polish.

Available in selected pharmacies and Penneys stores across Ireland now. RRP €2.79 per polish.