Friday, July 19, 2013

Perfect Sand Lacquer - # 61

It's Friday at last and today I have a hot pink neon texture to match this hot weather we're having.

Beauty Cosmetic is a Bulgarian based website, selling a crapton of products including polishes for stupidly affordable prices. I am addicted to this site, and shop here regularly! I have purchased polishes, make up, skin care products, shower products, lip balms - you name it!

Recently I came across these Sand Lacquers - they are only €1.85. ONE EURO AND EIGHTY FIVE CENT. You did read that right. So.. I bought 12. That is not excessive. That is the price of two China Glaze.

Direct Quote from Beauty Cosmetic's website:
"The newly developed "Sands" formula nail polish mimics sprinkled sugar and magical glittering particles matte finish. 
The series includes 29 modern shades with matte finish. 
Do not use a base and top coat. It is recommended to apply two thin layers. After the first layer, wait a few minutes to dry, then apply a second coat. Nail polish provides a durable matte finish with candied effect nails. "

This is number 61. Much more Neon than it appears in this picture let me tell you! Now against advice, I used a base coat - I detest staining. I used only ONE coat of this polish for these photos. You may like to do two thin coats here. It would dry faster. I found the formula good (for the price) not as good as the China Glaze textures but close. No topcoat. It's hella bright, and I love it.

Perfect Sand Lacquer is available on for €1.85 a pop - they ship with tracking, and shipping is always very reasonably priced for the amount of polish I buy at a time! Perfect also do holos, and chromes... Keep up to date on their Facebook page.

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