Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I am so lucky to have received 8 of the 10 URBAN LEGEND polishes to review.

This stunning Autumn/Fall collection has a wonderful selection of ten darker toned polishes that will work with any skin tone. URBAN LEGEND consists of three red polishes, three blue polishes and four brown polishes.

Lets have a look at the eight polishes I received!
All polishes were opaque in two coats, some may only need one, but for photos I always use two! They dry very quickly, and something I noticed is how shiny they are . I have not used a top coat in these photos, so you can see how glossy the finish is.

First up, I will show you "Empty Streets" KP249

this nude beige colour, amazingly worked well with my pale skin. It would be a really nice office shade, for the season that's in it!

Second, is "Skyscraper" KP250

this shade is a khaki green with greyish tones. I like this a lot - I have some greens in my collection but none that lean towards grey!

Third, is "Cat As Accessory" KP251

this blue is almost denim in colour - it's so rich and creamy and it was pretty opaque in only one coat! I know that I will get a lot of use out of this particular shade!

Fourth, is "Street Gang" KP252

this blue is another stunner. I am a huge fan of blue polish, and when I received these samples, I wasn't sure that three blues wasn't too many - but they are all equally beautiful and different!

Fifth, is "Grafitti Quick" KP253

this wonderfully dark, wonderfully shiny navy is one of my favourites of this collection! It is so rich, so deep and so beautiful on shorter nails. I've worn it twice since I received these polishes for review and it sits on my desk where I can see it!

Sixth, is "Urbanesse" KP254

it's brown.. I am never a big fan of browns but Kinetics have changed my view on this! This brown/purple shimmer polish with a copper sheen is a very elegant shade. It screams confident woman! I love it!

Seventh, is "Cafe Central" KP255

instantly, this polish reminded me of chocolate! Rich, creamy chocolate - or coffee as the name suggests! Another change of heart on brown polish for me - well done Kinetics!

Eighth and last, is "Gangsterina" KP256

this ravishing shade is so sexy and alluring! I really love it - you always need a dark red in your collection and this one is really special.

Overall, for my first experience with Kinetics polishes, I am really impressed. The formula is really amazing on all these polishes - they apply so easily, the brush is perfectly shaped and they dry relatively quickly. You could also forego a top coat if you didn't have time -  because they are SO SUPER SHINY!

My favourite picks are; Skyscraper, Cat As Accessory, Graffiti Quick & Gansterina, though I do really love all the shades I received for review!

You can keep up to date with Kinetics Portugal on their facebook page here.

Darling Diva - LE Small Batch Prototype #1 Nail Polish

Recently, Darling Diva posted a listing on their ETSY shop for this beautiful blue holo.

I saw "LE" and I had to have it!

This blue holo is such a wonderful pigmented colour - with two coats being the maximum required for complete opacity.

I feel that this blue leans a little towards green, and a friend commented on my "mermaid nails" !

I wore this for a week - it is so sparkly!

Do you have any special/LE polishes in your collection?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Essence Be Loud Collection

Recently I received a huge box of nail polish from my friend in Germany, I got my hands on this awesome collection (lovely autumnal colours) which includes a really funky glitter topper!

L-R: not punky nor funky, 01 riot@, 02 orange is the new black, 03 riot grrr-een, 04 like a stone in the wall.

I applied the glitter topper over each shade FYI! It is described as being able to create graffit colours, with varying sizes and shapes/colours of glitter. Pink, gold, black, shards and hexes stand out for me!

So first up 01 riot@ 
This purple shade is very versatile, with pink undertones it is a lovely deep shade for the upcoming season. I used two coats for this polish, and it applied really well. No staining either, which is always a bonus!

Second polish 02 orange is the new black
This orange is bright and bold. If you like oranges, this is a good go-to shade for you! I like this paired with the topper for Halloween. I used two coats, and it applied beautifully. (there are no VNLs in real life)

Third polish 03 riot grrr-een 
This is an army green shade, and quite dark too. I love this shade on pale fingers. This is one I'll be pulling out for the autumn season, as I love these neutral colours for clothing too! I used two coats again, and found the formula to be consistent with the previous shades.

Fourth and final polish 04 like a stone in the wall 
This stone/beige coloured polish is also a good neutral colour for autumn. I feel some nail art with these shades coming, they all work quite well as a set, and the glitter topper offsets them really well! This was also two coats, and I loved it on, more than I thought I would!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Perfect - Chrome Nail Polish

I've had a wee break from the blog, and I definitely needed it !

Today I have this six part collection from Perfect; their Chrome collection. I don't have names for these polishes however, they are numbered from 29 - 34 and I will show them to you in this order.

I used two coats for each swatch , and they apply like a dream (could have definitely gotten away with one coat on all these polishes!) 

I love the darkness of these shades, they have depth and I imagine would be awesome stamping polishes! I bought them on Beauty Cosmetic for a very reasonable €1.32 each! I love the bargains that can be found on this amazing Bulgarian website.

29 is a gold colour 

30 is a rose gold colour

31 is a pink/lavender colour

32 is a blue/green colour

33 is a purple colour

34 is a slate grey colour

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 11 - Art Deco

Wow, I found this post really difficult! I am really new to nail art so this was a mind blast to come up with, and I'm not sure if I am fully happy with it!

I used Julep Petra for the base colour, which is a lovely deep shimmering red. It's beautiful! For the designs, I used Color Club Where's the Soiree and butter LONDON Poole.

Art Deco-ish?

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

31 Day Challenge - Day 10 - Animal Print

For day 10, and Animal Print, I decided to use three Barry M Gelly polishes, to create a leopard print mani.

I love the colour combinations here, the different shades of pink really make this print a bit unique!

Hope you like it!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Tara's Talons - my polish picks

Recently I picked up two interesting polishes from Tara's Talons.

Tara's Talons is a UK based indie nail polish brand, run by the lovely Tara. ( I LOVE UK INDIES!)

I wanted to choose something different, because I find myself seeing repeats and similarities in so many polishes these days and I wasn't disappointed with my choices from this lovely shop.

First up I want to show you one of two polishes I purchased. This is Pick n Mix. Pick n Mix is a blue polish with light coloured glitters inside. It is very subtle, it only needed two coats and it is a nice neutral blue.

Application was very smooth with this polish, and it is so shiny - I am not wearing a top coat in these pictures

Next up I am going to show you Business Woman Special.I work in an office, that doesn't make me a "business woman" but I love the name of this polish and wearing something with a name like this makes you feel more business-y and confident!

This beautiful light grey polish is so neutral, but has something different - subtle glitters. This is perfect office polish, and it is not boring! It was my favourite of the two!

you can find out more at www.tarastalons.co.uk and if you use my code "irishnailaddict20" you will receive an exclusive 20% off offer :)

31 Day Challenge - Day 9 - Flowers

Today for my flowers, I have used some of the new collection from Kinetics Portugal; Urban Legend.

I was sent 8 of this 10 strong collection to review, and will be doing so over the coming days!

The base for this mani, is Cat as Accessory. I love this muted blue. It has a real grey tone to it, which I like because I am a blue addict, and this one is different to any in my collection!

I used two coats of Cat as Accessory - it is a lovely polish to apply, quite pigmented and easily spreads on the nail. I found the flower colours too, to be pigmented enough to use with dotting tools. I am impressed with these polishes; for my first time to try them!

For the flowers, I used Empty Streets, and Gangsterine. I am loving these tones of late, very 70s shabby feel to my manicures for the past while

Please keep up to date with new releases from Kinetics Portugal on their facebook