Monday, September 9, 2013

Tara's Talons - my polish picks

Recently I picked up two interesting polishes from Tara's Talons.

Tara's Talons is a UK based indie nail polish brand, run by the lovely Tara. ( I LOVE UK INDIES!)

I wanted to choose something different, because I find myself seeing repeats and similarities in so many polishes these days and I wasn't disappointed with my choices from this lovely shop.

First up I want to show you one of two polishes I purchased. This is Pick n Mix. Pick n Mix is a blue polish with light coloured glitters inside. It is very subtle, it only needed two coats and it is a nice neutral blue.

Application was very smooth with this polish, and it is so shiny - I am not wearing a top coat in these pictures

Next up I am going to show you Business Woman Special.I work in an office, that doesn't make me a "business woman" but I love the name of this polish and wearing something with a name like this makes you feel more business-y and confident!

This beautiful light grey polish is so neutral, but has something different - subtle glitters. This is perfect office polish, and it is not boring! It was my favourite of the two!

you can find out more at and if you use my code "irishnailaddict20" you will receive an exclusive 20% off offer :)

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NailsByNumbers said...

Love that grey colour, really pretty and work appropriate.