Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I am so lucky to have received 8 of the 10 URBAN LEGEND polishes to review.

This stunning Autumn/Fall collection has a wonderful selection of ten darker toned polishes that will work with any skin tone. URBAN LEGEND consists of three red polishes, three blue polishes and four brown polishes.

Lets have a look at the eight polishes I received!
All polishes were opaque in two coats, some may only need one, but for photos I always use two! They dry very quickly, and something I noticed is how shiny they are . I have not used a top coat in these photos, so you can see how glossy the finish is.

First up, I will show you "Empty Streets" KP249

this nude beige colour, amazingly worked well with my pale skin. It would be a really nice office shade, for the season that's in it!

Second, is "Skyscraper" KP250

this shade is a khaki green with greyish tones. I like this a lot - I have some greens in my collection but none that lean towards grey!

Third, is "Cat As Accessory" KP251

this blue is almost denim in colour - it's so rich and creamy and it was pretty opaque in only one coat! I know that I will get a lot of use out of this particular shade!

Fourth, is "Street Gang" KP252

this blue is another stunner. I am a huge fan of blue polish, and when I received these samples, I wasn't sure that three blues wasn't too many - but they are all equally beautiful and different!

Fifth, is "Grafitti Quick" KP253

this wonderfully dark, wonderfully shiny navy is one of my favourites of this collection! It is so rich, so deep and so beautiful on shorter nails. I've worn it twice since I received these polishes for review and it sits on my desk where I can see it!

Sixth, is "Urbanesse" KP254

it's brown.. I am never a big fan of browns but Kinetics have changed my view on this! This brown/purple shimmer polish with a copper sheen is a very elegant shade. It screams confident woman! I love it!

Seventh, is "Cafe Central" KP255

instantly, this polish reminded me of chocolate! Rich, creamy chocolate - or coffee as the name suggests! Another change of heart on brown polish for me - well done Kinetics!

Eighth and last, is "Gangsterina" KP256

this ravishing shade is so sexy and alluring! I really love it - you always need a dark red in your collection and this one is really special.

Overall, for my first experience with Kinetics polishes, I am really impressed. The formula is really amazing on all these polishes - they apply so easily, the brush is perfectly shaped and they dry relatively quickly. You could also forego a top coat if you didn't have time -  because they are SO SUPER SHINY!

My favourite picks are; Skyscraper, Cat As Accessory, Graffiti Quick & Gansterina, though I do really love all the shades I received for review!

You can keep up to date with Kinetics Portugal on their facebook page here.

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