Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spotted in Boots! New Bourjois Top Coats

I am a real wanderer when I'm in Boots/Superdrug/Pharmacies. I tend to nose and snoop and try not to miss anything.

I was really excited when I saw these fancy new topcoats in Boots this week; "Laser Toppings". The only information I can find on these beauties is on the French website, with nothing having been released on the UK website as yet.

L-R  Sun Scales, Aqua Purple and Blue Neon.

These are bar glitters (not everyone is a fan) but it is exciting to see Bourjois getting in the game with regards top coats and nail products in general.

They have also released some caviar beads; "Manucure Toppings"

L-R Coral Bikini, Lilac Sand & Maliblue

Have you tried any of these high street toppings? Available in Boots & Superdrug stores in Ireland and the UK.

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Renu said...

These look awesome, I love bar glitter. I've tried the manucure and it isn't all cracked up. You can easily get caviar beads for a much cheaper rate, and application ease is the same.