Saturday, July 20, 2013

Catrice Glamazona

I know , I know! More Catrice.. but I love them. I'm lucky enough to have a wonderful friend in Germany who has been sending me these LEs before we get them in Ireland. This collection was one I was really looking forward to.

Here are the four main polishes in this collection (there is a gold crackle, but I'm over crackles!)

C01 Dirty Liana, a teal green; C02 Lime Heart Is Beating, a mustard yellow; C03 I'm A Survivor, a tomato red and C04 I Got The Flower, a purple.

I really like this collection. The colours are "popping" , something great about summer polishes. You can have pastels, and shimmers but these popping colours are my favourite. Deep pigments and almost one coaters - win win!

So to the swatch-fest! First up I have Dirty Liana. This was pretty much opaque in one coat; though I used two. I love teal and I love this. It's a staple colour for me to have... I love the richness of this one. I haven't used topcoats with these polishes and pictures were taken in direct sunlight.

Number 2 is Lime Heart is Beating. This yellow polish reminds me of English Mustard on the nails. It appears much brighter in the sun but for a yellow, it's one of the better ones. Some are too canary, and some two in between canary and lemon. Quite like this one! Two coats for complete opacity.

Number 3 is I'm a Survivor. This tomato red is rich, and opaque in one coat, though I used two. I like this red - it's brassy and brave and great for toes...

Lastly, Number 4: I Got The Flower. A rich royal purple. I am a huge purple fan and this one needed two coats! It is not as dark as some I have so it's a nice lighter version.

My favourite two are the teal, and red. These I will use regularly as go-to polishes for every day...

Glamazona is due in Ireland at the end of this month, rolling out across pharmacies and Primarks nationwide. Will you be getting these polishes?

Keep up to date on LE releases and new products at Catrice Ireland's facebook page.

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