Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Body Shop Splurge!

It has to be said, we all love a good pay day splurge... and I am highly addicted to spending money which might be bad thing. On a more positive note, I have pretty things!

Last week the Body Shop had a juicy offer of £10 off orders over £25. I couldn't resist.. I purchased everything that smelled of Sweet Lemon. I note the shipping costs can be extortionate to Ireland, from a lot of UK shops. I used my Parcel Motel  address for UK shipping (which was free over £20) and am awaiting my pretty parcel containing these beauties.

Sweet Lemon Body Butter (Special Offer at £6.50)

Sweet Lemon Shower Gel (price has been reduced this summer to £4)

Sweet Lemon Body Scrub (A whopping £12.50)

Sweet Lemon Beautifying Oil (Priced at £9.00)

I cannot wait to indulge myself completely in this sweet lemony citrus scent.The Body Shop has been around for a long time, and sometimes I really forget to go in and have a snoop. Thankfully, these little discounts make me want to buy more, and re-kindle my romance with their lovely products and even try something different in the Beautifying Oil.

Do you have any favourite products from the Body Shop? Do you like to smother yourself in one scent from scubbing, to washing and then moisturising?

Let me know in the comments!

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