Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Lip Products in my handbag

It's my first beauty post - how exciting!

I have been contemplating moving into the "other product" category for some time and I am excited to be telling you about my favourite lip balms of the moment!

I have a huge lip balm addiction and I can't leave the house without at least 2 or 3 in my bag, so I have a bit of choice.

Right now I am carrying lots of lip products in my handbag - balms and gloss. I don't use lipstick that much, unless I am going out or for my part time job which I really need to be wearing make up for!

So what do you see in the photo?
Top left you have Rouge Bunny Rouge gloss in shade "Secret Places of Love". A friend sent this to me in a care package. It was unloved and has found a new home in the depths of my handbag, along with all my other nail products! This is a very nice neutral shade which gives lips just a hint of shimmer and sparkle, for day time gloss.
Next to that my beloved EOS balms in "Summer Fruit" and "Sweet Mint". These babies are all-natural, no fingers required, 95% organic, 100% natural, gluten,paraben and petroleum free and are packed with Vitamin E and shea butter to really moisturise.
Top right, Balance Me Limited Edition "Shine On Tinted Lip Salve" in "Sheer Raspberry". Balance Me is a UK based company, making organic natural products at exceptional prices. This baby was a freebie in the most recent edition of Glamour magazine. Focus has been shifted to a glossy shine with a pop of generous colour. I adore this - it moisturises while being very subtle in colour, and really makes your lips pop! This was created using 100% natural pure essential oils.
Middle, Balmi Lip balm in "Blackcurrant". This beauty is the most obscure flavour I've tried. I love it's black packaging because it's different from what you regularly see! Packed with Vitamin E, Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil, these little moisturising beauties are have SPF for extra protection!
Bottom left, Rimmel Apocalips in 102 "Nova". Not a favourite, this highly pigmented lip lacquer isn't flattering on dry lips and might be the wrong shade of pink for me. Apocalips promises "the intense rich colour of a lipstick, enhance by a smooth shine" I am not sure of that, personally!
That long red stick you see, is an ELF lip stain pen. This is handy; to add some pigment to lips under a balm or a gloss. I use these a lot, and this one isn't bad for the price!
Last but definitely not least is my Jane Iredale Cheek & Lip Stain in "Forever Pink". This is my go-to lip product for any occasion. It changes the colour on your lips! Sometimes my lips darken, sometime they lighten pink and it feels like a balm with on.

So there you have it - my lip stash that I currently lug around in my handbag. What are your go-to lip products?

Of course you haven't seen my entire lip stash, the box I have at home with various glosses, lipsticks, balms etc! There are a lot more where they came from!

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