Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Nail Varnish Tag!

I was tagged to do this by The_Nail_Affair - head on over and check out her blog! This will be a fun questionnaire..

Favourite Nail Polish Company
Hmm. I really go on formula.. I have a top 3 right now and they include Barry M, Jacava and Catrice. Formula wise, they are all buttery and wonderful.. I just wish Catrice would change their brushes because my nails are tiny!

Glitter or No Glitter
Well.. I own A LOT of glitter. I don't wear it much, but I like the option. It's also a feat to get it off my nails so I lean more towards no with the option of yes. That doesn't answer the question though !

OPI, China Glaze or Essie
China Glaze, no questions. Their textures are epic.

When Do You Change Your Nail Polish
I change it most days, when I'm in "polish-mood" otherwise, I could have no polish on for weeks... unless I am swatching!

What's Your Favourite Colour To Wear On Your Nails
I love neon textures right now.. so any neon, and textured :)

Darks Or Brights
Brights... for sure

What Do You Have On Your Nails Right Now
Nothing... I swatched a lot of polish today and may get round to doing a full mani before I head out later!

Matte Nails... In Or Out?

French Manicure?

Favourite Winter Colour?
Sinful Colors Daddy's Girl - that polish is epic!

That is my tag complete :) Two people I know that may be interested are Knitty Nails and Fox Claws
Let me know if you end up doing this tag!

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