Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Softly Body - moisturizing picks

Winter is fast approaching! This week Dubliners are being treated to rain, darkness and general "ugh" when waking up in the mornings.

With this cold creeping in, your body is going to need that extra hit of moisture, extra protection from the elements is required and something extra to combat that dreaded winter dryness.

Here are my 4 picks for this season!

1. Green Angel Seaweed Body Lotion

I reviewed this guy previously, and it is an absolute beauty - with natural oils of Neroli and Chamomile and seaweed extract you will be smelling and feeling like a queen.

2. Body Shop Beautifying Oils

Made from amazing quality oils, this collection consists of 10 difference scents. If you're like me and you love matching shower-body items then these are for you. They smell divine and work best on wet showered skin.

3. Lush Dream Cream.

This guy smells like no other - calming ingredients chamomile and lavender soothe the senses. A light formula, this guy is non greasy on the skin, but it does it's job well!

4. Bomb Cosmetics Cocoa Beach

This guy smells like heaven - coconut, and citrus feature heavily and it's buttery thick formula melts into the skin. A wonder product!

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