Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Essence - Mister Rusty 166

I'm back with another new released beauty from essence!

Halloween is fast approaching, and Mister Rusty is the perfect copper for this month.. Priced at €1.79 in Penneys stores and selected pharmacies nationwide, you really can not go wrong!

Two coats were all I needed (and you may even get away with one) for this shiny and rich colour.

I have reviewed two other new polishes from essence here and here


Unknown said...

Love your blog! How do you keep your Essence polish from chipping, whenever i wear it, it chips so quicklyđŸ˜©

Irish Nail Polish & Health Addict said...

Thank you Aisling!
I use a good base and top coat! At the moment I am using an OPI base coat and "Out The Door" top coat. Seche Vite also has great reviews. Thinner coats and drying between them ensures better wear too and you can also "cure" the edge of your nail across the tip with polish! Hope that helps <3