Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Catrice Candy Shock - June 2012

I am a huge, no massive Catrice fan - they are high on my list of regular purchases when it comes to make up and of course, nail polish.

I am eagerly awaiting their new Limited Edition Collection which is due out in June - sometimes it will sneak itself onto pharmacy shelves sooner and I am always checking my usual go-to pharmacies that I know have a good turnover on their stands!

This LE has four polishes and two different micro beads to choose from. I know I'll be wanting the polishes, I have some cute micro beads in these colours already but they do look cute!

These colours scream Ice Cream to me! They are pastel though they are so light and fairy coloured! I am so super excited about getting my mitts on these! Available in C01 I Scream: Ice Cream!, C02 Play It Blue, C03 Bring Me Peach and C04 Vanilla Love. C02 Play It Blue and C03 Bring Me Peach have a chalky matt powder effect. Oooh!

These sugar pearls are to die for! Look at the rich colour of this pink, and if you have both, you can mix them to make a different effect.. definitely an Ice Cream & Sprinkles inspiration here! Available in shades C01 Cotton Candy and C02 Sugar Shock.

There is of course, much much more to this collection make-up wise - you can see it all on and keep up to date on their Irish Facebook page here.


Rachel Jones said...

I haven't heard of this brand. Are they worldwide?

Irish Nail Addict said...

Hi Rachel! They are European but they are not in the UK - there are some (but not LE editions) on if you are interested !

MissGreenEyes said...

I like the look of the polishes but I've heard they're a disaster to apply, hopefully they won't be too bad!