Thursday, May 30, 2013

Colores de Carol April Fools

Good morning lovely readers!

I am feeling the the heat today, we have sunshine and it really makes you jump out of bed, and look forward to your day!

I have another gorgeous polish from Colores de Carol to show you today; April Fools. This is a white jelly base with multi coloured square glitters and this really subtle shimmer, that makes it so unique compared to other white based indies out there.

I adore this polish becuase it can be worn with anything. It's nude enough yet colourful enough to match any outfit!

I used three coats for this one, and think I'd use it over a pure white base next time, or even pink!


Carolina said...

Your swatches are beautiful. I'm glad you like it, thank you ♥

Makeup Monster said...

The little coloured squares are adorable!

So Random Today said...

I always prefer the look of indie polishes. I don't own any though which must be fixed!x

Breige said...

Love the fact pieces are square, makes it so much more unique. It's a gorgeous polish