Thursday, May 23, 2013

Kiko Sugar Matt 641 - Strawberry Pink


Today I have a beauty - another of my Kiko haul. Sugar Matt 641, named Strawberry Pink.

This colour is beautiful. The texture mixed with this gorgeous golden shimmer sparkle is enough to make a girl squeal! The application was a bit iffy - gloopy though I know this is to be found with texture polishes, I had to be careul when applying this one.

I used two coats, though you could likely get away with one. A very girly summery shade - perfect for a day at the beach!

You can get Kiko on their website here, and keep up to date on their UK Facebook page here.

These polishes vary in price and my haul had polishes ranging in price from £0.50 to £4.90.

For my Irish readers - I used Parcel Motel to receive this order, as they don't ship to Ireland.


Makeup Monster said...

I have a similar style one from OPI and it's prob the nail varnish I get the most use from!

MissGreenEyes said...

I only have two Kiko polishes but I really like the quality, I always forget we can use Parcel Motel to order from the UK! Lovely polish x

So Random Today said...

I have one Kiko polish to my name and I love it! Love this one too! I want too many nail polishes because of you! :)x