Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Face Shop - eBay haulin'

Hello my lovely readers!

Today I have a sunny yellow polish, a bargain I might add, that I stumbled upon on a recent eBay browse. I am a sucker for a budget polish and this little fellow cost me about €2 to include postage. How can you go wrong?! From "The Face Shop" is a Korean brand of cosmetics which include skincare, make up, and men's cosmetics! You can check out their website here. I regularly pick up bits and pieces from Korea on eBay and I love the little boxes they come in, not to mention the free samples! A quirky little "thefaceshop" logo is engraved onto the lid too -snazzy! They also have a facebook page

I am not a big fan of yellow but because I don't have many I was seeking a good vibrant canary yellow shade. This fits my bill. It took three coats (and my nail line is not visible in real life) to achieve full opacity. I think this polish is a wonderful summer shade (if your skin tone can handle it!) and I know I will be rocking it with some neutral clothes later on in the season.

Thanks for reading :)

Do you like eBay hauls ? Picking up quirkly Asian cosmetics for a budget price? Comment below!


Makeup Monster said...

Loving that yellow for summer!

NailsByNumbers said...

That's funny, I bought something from The Face Shop on ebay too, I have a blog post going up tomorrow about it! :)