Friday, May 31, 2013

Model City Dipping Chocolate

It's Friday, and a bank holiday in the Emerald Isle. I plan on doing lots of swatching this weekend!

Today I have another amazing polish from Model City. Nina has sent me a little bundle and I had planned on showing you this one in the post with Strawberry Jam but unfortunately I couldn't bear to take it off when I put it on.... Please check out the newly launched website here! There are lots of amazing polishes to buy there. You can keep up to date on MCP facebook page too!

Dipping Chocolate. What a cool name?! I love food related polish names. I can relate to that.

This gorgeous brown  holo was opaque in two thin coats. I cannot tell you how amazing the formulas are on these polishes.. they are so pigmented. It does remind me of chocolate and that makes me hungry. Kudos to you Nina !

Here are the pics !

I used flash to show you the beautiful holoness that lives in this polish.

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NailsByNumbers said...

I really like this colour. I love holos, especially in nude colours like this one.