Friday, May 17, 2013

Model City Strawberry Jam

Occasionally, you come across a very special nail polish. A polish you put on expecting to like; and when it's on your nails you can't stop staring at it... the colour has depth, the glitter sparkles in a way you didn't think possible and you never want to take it off.

This just happened!

I received some beauties from Nina at Model City Polish. I had planned on showing you two in one post but when I tried this one on, I had to paint all ten fingers and wear it for a week! I kid you not -I am in polish love.

Strawberry Jam is the perfect reddish pinkish purplish almost jelly polish with red, silver and pink glitters. When I move my fingers I see sparkles of red, purple, and silver. It is amazing on the nails. Two coats was all I needed and it was so easy to apply. I was totally amazed at how quickly it dried too. I will definitely have to order the full size of this beauty, it's a go to polish for any event in my opinion. It's so versatile with that extra added sparkle.

So far I have been wearing Strawberry Jam for 2 days - I have no tip wear, and I used Essence base and top coats.

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