Saturday, February 16, 2013

Utopia's Polish - Southern Belle

I have to admit to being more of a stasher and less of a trier on a lot of my polishes - so I am using my new found love of blog addiction to try all these amazing polishes and realise that yes, I do actually have some fab babies in my collection!

Today I have a real beauty for you - Southern Belle from Utopia's Polish. There are oodles of glitters in this shimmering pink base, including; white bars, white hex (medium and small) red hex, blue, teal, purple.... It is beautiful on the nails, and definitely no fishing is required to achieve this very glittery effect.

These pictures have been taken in artifical light at night, and outside in the dark. I absolutely adore this polish!

1 comment:

Kim Annabella said...

This polish is gorgeous, I'd say it goes with loads of clothes! You could colour co-ordinate with the bits.