Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Essence Polishes Spring 2013 Part 1

Living in Dublin certainly has its perks - one of them being the cheaper brand nail polishes I can pick up with my grocery shopping on an almost daily basis.. (not necessarily a good thing!) One of my favourite of these brands, being Essence.

A little birdy told me that Essence were releasing 9 new polishes for Spring 2013, and here they are.

The colour names are: 
Flashy Pumpkin, That's What I Mint, Miss Universe, Prom-Berry, Upper Green Side, We Rock The Green and Hello Marshmallow. 

The two nude shades are called: Mit Claim and Peach and Cream.

I managed to get my hands on three of these babies last night (Miss Universe, Hello Marshmallow and That's What I Mint) and have some swatches for you .

First One I have to show you is "That's What I Mint"

this needed two coats for complete coverage, but you may get away with one! I love it, there is a subtle shimmer which you won't see in pictures

Secondly I have "Hello Marshmallow"

this also needed two coats, this one is so girly! There is  a very cute blue micro-shimmer in this that is hard to capture on camera

Lastly I have "Miss Universe"
I left the best for last - I cannot put into words how looking at this polish makes me get all butterflies in my tummy! It's stunning, I managed to capture it pretty well in the photo (which I am quite proud of!) IT is a kind of sheer jelly navy base, with micro blue and green glitters. <3

I hope to pick up the other six polishes this weekend :-)


Ashleigh Thompson said...

I love the first two. Do you know if they're available in the us?

Gillybeaniepoo said...

I think so Ashleigh but I'm not sure what stores :)