Saturday, February 16, 2013

Essence Polishes Spring 2013 Part 3

On Wednesday and Thursday, I showed you six of the nine new polishes from Essence, for Spring 2013.

Today I have the final three:
Flashy Pumpkin, We Rock The Green & Prom-Berry

I found it hard to capture the sheer tomato orange of Flashy Pumpkin! The shot is blurred slightly, to give the best representation of the actual colour. It is BRIGHT and not great on my skin tone. This is my least favourite of the nine. I needed two coats, though you may get away with one for this polish. Application was perfect.

We Rock The Green is such a beautiful polish, with green and gold glass flecks or shimmer, I'm not sure. I just love this polish. It's one of the best of the nine in my opinion and I loved application - I needed three coats for this polish.

Prom-Berry. What can I say? When I saw this was in the release, I reckoned "this is just another standard purple but it's beautiful! It is a dark plum but there is a pink tone in the shimmer, which is impossible to capture in the pictures :( I made sure to take my picture outside with my spring flowers, just for effect ;) This was another favourite from the nine in this release.

All in all, Essence new polishes are varied, and have some lighter and darker tones to suit all fans of the brand for this Spring. My favourites from the nine are Miss Universe, Peach & Cream, We Rock The Green and Prom-Berry.

These have been released in Irish Primark stores already, and are being rolled out to pharmacies across the country imminently.

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