Monday, February 18, 2013

I won a prize ! From Kunimitsu Nail Potions

Recently I entered a little giveaway on Kunimitsu's facebook page. Lucky for me, I bagged a mini size of Abyssinian which is just gorgeous and I had to blog about it :)

Abyssinain is a nude pearlescent base with micro red, gold, black and black bar glitters. It's very unusual and nothing like I have seen before in the Indie world.

I used two coats for this post, I could have used more, but I quite liked the finish that two gave me. I didn't use a top coat for this polish.

The only problem now, is that I have been on Kunimitsu's etsy shop and I am seriously lemming a few more of her polishes! There will surely be hope of a purchase in the near future!


tami willis said...

I've been eyeballing Abyssinian too. Gorgeous swatches! I think I must buy it now...

Gillybeaniepoo said...

It's a really lovely unusual polish!