Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ruby White Tips - Boo2

Humpday! Halfway to the end, which leads to the imminent beginning....

Ruby White Tips. Laura has some amazing polishes on her etsy store. Check them out! You can keep up to date on RWT Facebook page - there is a new collection just released :)

This is Boo2 - Boo is a Bat. I kid you not. A Bat in a Sanctuary, and a percentage of sales on this polish go towards helping that sanctuary. Here is some cuteness for you! Meet Boo.

Boo2 is a blue sheer base, with fine holographic micro glitters. You can use this as a top coat over blue or purple. I chose to use three coats of this polish alone, and I like the effect. It's light and summery and very pretty. This lasted a good week on my nails without chipping, I had some minimal tip wear and I was using cleaning products quite a bit!

I really like this polish for a summery look - at a barbeque, outdoor party or shopping day!

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MissGreenEyes said...

Very pretty, Laura has some amazing polish, such a lovely person too x