Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Seventeen Rock Hard Couture, NAIL EFFECTS

Well, do I have an awesome few polishes to show you tonight?! Yes I dooooo!

These babies, slipped under my radar, but a lazy browse in Boots this evening after work, led me to their sparkly textured beauty - love at first sight! It was definitely meant to be.

I did know about Seventeen's Rock Hard texture polishes before - what I didn't know was that somewhere in the last weeks, months maybe, this sparkly little foursome was released.

L-R: Charm Bracelet, Cameo Crush, Bijoux Baby, Celestial Pearl

I will show you swatches in the same order: each polish required two thin coats, it does drag a little quite like Zoya but that's OK for a texture in my opinion. Pictures were taken in natural light (what was left of it this evening!) and without flash.

I can't pick a favourite. I didn't think I'd like Celestial Pearl, but I love it! All these polishes have gold scatter.

Starting with Charm Bracelent, a golden, coppery colour:

Cameo Crush is a sea blue with a beautiful gold shimmer:

Bijoux Baby, a shimmering pink, with big gold glitters and a golden fleck:

Celestial Pearl is a white silver with a golden fleck:

In Boots Ireland these polishes are priced at €5.59 each - amazingly when I got to the till today, they were reduced to €3.49 !

Have you embraced the texture fad yet?!

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