Saturday, August 17, 2013

Flourish Organics - Certified & Irish!

I have a interesting Irish company to talk to you about!

Flourish Organics began in 2003, (meaning this year is their tenth birthday). Set up by Geraldine and Klaus Woessner. Geraldine is an Aromatherapist and sought a more natural skin care range for her sensitive skin. Using a natural base to carry essential oils, this brand was born.

From their website: "Flourish Organics - Skin Care Ireland is one of the first Irish Cosmetics Producers in Ireland to be certified organic and we are proud to supply Irish Cosmetics to some of the top hotels and spas in Ireland"

I purchased some products from Flourish recently, namely the Hand & Body Wash and Lavender Lip Balm. The Hand & Body Wash intrigued me, I haven't seen lemongrass in a wash product before, and it's one of my favourite scents. This was a must-by for me! Nor have I seen Lavender in a lip balm... and thought this would be a nice product to use at bed time, as I always apply lip balm before going to sleep.

This Hand and Body Wash has the best smell from a product, that I've ever used. I regularly use lemongrass oil in my burner. I love the uplifting scent, and how it lightens my mood. This product is softening, and moisturising. It lives on my bathroom sink and I believe I've washed my hands more than ever since it arrived! My hands feel soft and the oils are really making a difference, even to my nails!

I do believe that this product will be a re-purchase for me. I also believe my boyfriend has been sneaking it into the shower .. he really should dry the bottle off before placing it back on the sink!

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