Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Glittering Elements - Firecracker!

It's been so long since I've done a polish post - my poor nails are unhappy with me. I have been gardening and they've suffered.

Today I want to show you a beauty from Glittering Elements. I am a huge fan of Casey's polishes. This is probably my favourite so far - described as a pink crelly it is jam packed with glitter. I love the black hex in this polish, it really sets of the brightness of the pink! It's really hard for me to choose pinks I like - they are all so samey. Firecracker has a lot going on, and I love that. It's busy and it catches my eyes when I type, making for a happy Addict! It has a holographic shimmer, a long with all these eyecatching sparkly glitters inside, the black against this gives depth and interest.

The pictures below used 3 thin coats of this polish. Application was a dream, no dragging or clumping and glitter is evenly distributed (because there is a tonne in there!)

Glittering Elements are on Etsy and Facebook

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Makeup Monster said...

Very pretty love my purples!