Friday, April 5, 2013

Etude House Strawberry Ice Cream

Recently I have to admit, I have had some huge nail polish splurges! I got some fabulous Etude House polishes via eBay and this one shocked me with both quality and formula/application!

This baby pink polish, was opaque in two coats, it has lots of glitters inside, pink, purple, blue and aqua hexes of varying sizes and a very sparkly shimmer which is subtle but noticeable in the right light!

For the price I paid for this little gem, I am in awe. I stared at my nails for hours, and I wore it for 3 days - a record for me! It is so durable too, with base coat, top coat and two polish coats, there were NO chips or tip wear, and I am heavy handed when typing and had some housework to do while sporting it!

Beware for utter cuteness, because this bottle is divine.

Note there are some star glitters in this polish but I was unable to locate them, even spending a long time fishing in and out, they are not visible through the decent pigment of the polish.


Kim Annabella said...

very impressive looking, im heavy with the housework as well and cleaning up after the dogs so my polish doesn't last long. Just ordered a bottle as a little treat!

Irish Nail Addict said...

Ooooh you will love it ! It really is worth it for the price :) :)

Kim Annabella said...

Yes! Such good value compared to some of the big brands.Think I might have discovered a new make up love as well, their lipstick/blush packaging is insanely cute.

Irish Nail Addict said...

Have you see their sponges shaped like fruit?! They have amazingly cute things!