Saturday, April 6, 2013

Crazy Polish Lady Handmade Polishes

I recently came across a new Indie maker on Facebook. Based in Portugal, Sofia makes 3 free polishes, which have meaning to her.

Her first collection, which I am showing here, is entitled "Colors Are The Music Of My Life". There are eight polishes in this collection, with a varying colour range; and holo glitter.

I adore these polishes, their simple beauty I cannot describe - you really have to see them in person. The pigment in these polishes has depth and vibrancy.

First one to show you; is Strawberry Swing. A stunning rich girly pink that is almost opaque in one coat.
I used two coats.

Next I have Cosmic Love. Whoa... a navy jelly for which I used two coats. This one is a stunner!

Now, we have Chasing Cars. A wonderful deep black, again I used two coats here.

Blood On The Dancefloor is a stunning deep dark red, darker than my pictures show in the sun! It is blood red indeed. One of my favourites!

Kiss The Rain is a very dark teal. I love this, it really reminds me of a rainy Irish day!

Next up is No Leaf Clover. This green is stunningly opaque for the light shade it is. It's rockin'!

Secret Garden is a wonderful dark grassy green. I used two coats here, as with all polishes

Lastly, Violet Hills. A lovely dusky lilac, a colour I've not seen before in polish.

I am wonderfully impressed by this first collection.. Polishes are a wonderful texture and I love the variation of colours coupled with the glitter effect.

If you fancy getting your hands on some of these beauties, you can get there here.


Ziegfeldgirl27 said...

beautiful! i have just ordered 2 polishes for myself. can't wait to try them!

Irish Nail Polish & Health Addict said...

They are just beauts!! You will love them, I am sure of it :D