Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NoTD - China Glaze

I ordered only one of this amazing new collection: China Glaze Prismatics. I have to get the other 5 now.. they're stunning.

They consist of the following six shades; Optical Illusion( which I'm sporting) Prism, Ray-Diant, Polarized, Liquid Crystal and Full Spectrum.

I'm quite loving the little millions of glitter and sparkle particles in this polish!

With flash

Without flash

Close up

On to the tinternet to purchase the rest!

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KarenD said...

Since I'm a glitter lover, I bought all of these. Since I'm good at procrastinating, I haven't tried any yet. :)

debbie jarman said...

I've got 2 on the way, can hardly wait!!!
they looks SO pretty!!