Thursday, March 22, 2012

NOTD - Catrice Dirty Berry

I've long been a fan of Catrice cosmetics and nail polishes and today; had a little splurge in my local pharmacy. They have a lovely stand there which doesn't seem to get too much traffic! This means goodies for me, of course.

I always find their polishes have a great consistency, and two coats is the most I've needed.

Dirty Berry 420 is a dusky purple colour with a silver gray gritty look about it. I liked it instantly but I reckoned it needed a little omph! I dared to delve into my stash and pull out my new, Nails Inc electric lane top coat.

Daring indeed ! Here is the before and after, what are your thoughts?

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debbie jarman said...

pretty before, stunning after!!!

Musical.x said...

i have this polish and it's grand on but i should have topped it with glitter like you. i would have liked it more!!