Friday, March 23, 2012

Catrice Million Styles Topcoats

April sees the launch of these... 8 limited edition topcoats alongside their new 24 colour shades which are also being released.

The price in Ireland will be €3.29 a pop.. so there is a good chunk there for less than, €30. That is only if you're tempted to buy all 8 of course!

Here's the lowdown on these babies :

C01 No Smoke Without Fire for a smokey finish

C02 Million Dollar Baby is a glitter

C03 Miss Money Penny delivers soft golden shimmer

C04 Shake It! Flake It! creates a 3D jewel effect

C05 Return Of Space Cowboys layers a sparkling coat

C06 Godfather Of Pearl creates a soft pearly finish

C07 ¿Holo Qué Tal?! is a holographic glitter

C08 Have An Ice Day is a glittering ice-effect

Will we be buying?

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1 comment:

Lou xx said...

Lovely colours !!
Loving the blue 3rd along top row.

Iv tagged you also to do my 11 questions :)